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Tom Sawyer Teaching


Tom Sawyer is an award-winning actor and coach with over 25 years of experience on stage and screen.

As a coach, Tom has been working with Actors from all over the world, focusing on contemporary Screen acting and the “Meisner” Technique at leading institutions such as Mountview Academy, East 15, Equity, Fourth Monkey, Actors Temple, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, BECS, International School of Screen Acting, Actors Academy Finland, Actors Coaching International, Vienna's English Theatre Academy and privately, both online and in person.

Tom has also worked with London Film Academy, London Film School, Central Film School and NFTS.

Work with Tom on: 1 to 1 Coaching or join the MOT with TOM Mentorship programme 

Tom Sawyer has earned the distinction of being selected as a Top Acting Coach by

"Tom has an amazing ability to create a relaxed, safe, humorous and supportive environment even through Zoom.

His guidance and support came to be absolutely invaluable for me in my work and helped me with my transition from the stage to the world of screen acting. As a gender-nonconforming actor I also felt seen, heard and supported by Tom, which is extremely valuable in an industry that is still finding it’s way to work with people with queer-identities." 


Lauri Lohi - Star of "Dance Brothers" (Netflix) 

Tom Sawyer Margie Haber

Tom talks with Margie haber 

On her excellent podcast "F*ck your comfort zone" Tom and Margie talk life lessons, ego, childhood and more.

36 minutes. Many swears. Enjoy!

Tom talks to Konrad about the job of an Acting Coach, What Directors love about actors and the complicated nature of fair pay for Writers/Actors.
inbetween pods.jpg

Wilson & Tom sat down to have a chat on the latest episode of "In Between Pods", a podcast that focuses on what it means to be a ‘creative’.

Click to listen >

mot with tom

Level up your acting practise with regular personal coaching tailored to your specific needs whether its:

  • Transforming your self tape set up

  • Improving your audition preparation or

  • Finding the fun in the work again whilst navigating the industry demands 

Message using button below and lets get you playing and booking more.

Cold reading class

Cold read on camera class 
with tom sawyer

Taking a scene off the page in a short time is an essential skill for an actor.

Making instinctual bold choices is what sets apart one actor from another.

Working with page and partner we find what is already there in the scene and play with all the elements, relationship, backstory etc.

Best part is that it's all captured with a multi camera set up and you get the footage after class.

1 to 1 coaching


Thanks, Tom will be in touch shortly .

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