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"Tom is an excellent screen acting teacher and a key part of our screen acting team. His Meisner-based approach is perfect for introducing young actors to the world of screen acting.  He has developed innovative online training methods and workshops during lockdown, allowing his students to get the most out of his sessions."

Stuart Parkins - Head of Screen Acting and Recorded Media at Mountview Academy

Tom Sawyer is a charismatic and highly engaging teacher whose enthusiasm for the material is infectious. 
He creates an atmosphere of emotional risk taking and vulnerability that allows for great growth and self- discovery. It was a pleasure to have him at our school.” 

Adrienne Ferguson, Principal, Vienna English Theatre Academy

"Tom has an amazing ability to create a relaxed, safe, humorous and supportive environment even through Zoom. His guidance and support came to be absolutely invaluable for me in my work and helped me with my transition from the stage to the world of screen acting. As a gender-nonconforming actor, I also felt seen, heard, and supported by Tom, which is extremely valuable in an industry that is still finding its way to work with people with queer identities." 

Lauri Lohi - Star of "Dance Brothers" (Netflix) 

"Tom has become an invaluable acting coach to me. I use him regularly for my auditions, both in person and on Zoom.

He has a great knowledge of the art of acting and also of the industry as a whole. His calmness and wisdom always manage to guide me to the best performance.

When you work on your own it is easy to get stuck in one interpretation but he always brings a different understanding of the scene, a suggestion, or an exercise that unlocks you. With him, I feel not only I have done great auditions but also have learned something in the process."


"Tom's direction and on set coaching was such a luxury!. 
It was so nice to work together as a team without any inhibitions and feel free within the scene. 
I really appreciated all of the guidance and back story/wants he helped us with and the sense of calm created in the space which definitely helped with any nerves!
I am super pleased with the piece and see how it will bring in a new type of casting for me and help with agent representation."

Amber Doyle - Actor 


"Tom was the most giving teacher and coach, he started with where we were at, which was the beginning of understanding our scene, but quickly without a doubt he punched right into where we needed to be as scene partners just meeting us for the first time!

He adjusted course as do great acting coaches and put into place and reminded us as scene partners where we were in the circumstance and most importantly brought out the authenticity of our scene partner's relationship!

Tom, put us on the right step forward and as we were going through my process as characters...that was needed.

He put us on the right step with authenticity and curiosity at the same time!  

Thank you Tom for your genuine, most importantly supportive approach!" 

Jamie Regusa - NYC Actor

"Tom's Cold Reading class is absolutely invaluable to the professional actor and the ever-increasing demands in the audition room. After just one class you totally see a shift in your approach to cold reading, It's exciting and empowers you.

This class gives you the confidence to connect truthfully to the script without having read it first, giving you the space to deliver an outstanding and fully connected performance under pressurized situations. A first read in front of a director or casting director in an audition setting is often nerve-wracking;

Tom's class helps remove those nerves or barriers. I highly recommend his class to anyone serious about their craft and increase their chances of booking the job."

Noeleen Comiskey - Actress (Eastenders, Casualty, The Bill, Doctors)

"Having helped me with numerous audition pieces as well as being my teacher at the Actors Temple, Tom has provided me with immense help. He goes way beyond the scene and helps to give context to the abstract script and characters by creating a whole world in which they can fit perfectly. There is no sense of something being right or wrong, he merely helps you find what works for you and for the scene, the real workings of a good teacher. Every time I work with him I leave feeling a lot more confident in myself as well as my acting capability."

Tristan Alexander - Actor

"I had the pleasure to work with Tom for a few months and it was a journey I will carry near my heart not only for my acting career but also for life in general.

His sense of timing when guiding the actor challenges you to step out of your comfort zone in a gentle and precise way, which was incredibly rewarding to experience.

His knowledge in the Meisner technique helped me to become more present in my acting with a big emphasis on learning to listen better and showing up authentically.

Tom has an amazing ability to create a safe, fun, and relaxed atmosphere which helped a lot with opening up for the work... and his priceless one-liners can only be experienced in the heat of the moment!"

Annika Jansson Actress

"Working with Tom online has helped me feel ready for the job, I have discovered new tools to try out.

I think our sessions opened up something in me that I'm excited to explore further."

Janet Kumar - Actress

"Working with Tom has been a challenging, inspiring, and impactful journey to becoming an actor.

He is consistent and dedicated to his role as a tutor.

Tom works through developing a clear understanding of each student’s journey and supporting them effectively as they grow. As an actor himself, he recognizes the struggles students endure and remains invariably empathetic and compassionate. In addition to maintaining professionalism as a tutor, Tom demands that his teaching space remain open and supportive.

This safe environment allows students to explore and play without judgment, making it a wonderful step for new actors and those developing their craft. Following his course students confidently start booking work, creating their own, and securing their future in this wild creative business."

Olja Mladjenović - Actress

"I trained with Tom for an intense half a year. He is a wonderful person and a stellar acting coach - his warm and stern approach steers you to find your vulnerability and authenticity and to use your new-found skills as an actor. He is very present in training and gives students his full attention. I warmly recommend Tom as a coach for anyone who wishes to gently but firmly be pushed out of their comfort zone to learn something new. You'll get your money's worth!"

Eeva Kortekangas, Actress

"Tom is an amazing acting coach and genuinely believes in his students. Tom has extensive experience and knowledge of the industry and gives great advice making you feel prepared. Tom encourages his students and always shows compassion, therefore providing a safe environment where you can feel free to really be yourself. Tom's guidance and his belief in me has helped me to become more confident on stage and on screen and has helped me to grow as an actor."
Carmina Coerdelia, Actress

Tom is a wonderful acting coach, artist, and human being. I had the chance to work with him at the Actors Temple and also had one on one coaching sessions with him to prepare my monologues for drama school auditions. His genuine enthusiasm for the art of acting itself makes every class exciting, inspiring and truly transformational as an actor. He has an exceptional ability of bringing out your natural essence as a performer while pushing you to new and exciting acting choices. I am extremely grateful for his work and the progress I'm seeing in myself as a result of working with him.
Julia Wahle, Actress


”Tom’s love for the craft of acting and passion to share his knowledge truly showed in his ability to work with all of his students, to meet them where they were at. 

He challenged me to question my own walls and to drop them so I could meet, feel and connect to my partner truthfully. 

He taught us a variety of tools to put in our actors’ tool boxes and handed us the responsibility of using them, as in the end all great teachers should do.”

Hanna Pohjalainen, Actress

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