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Film & tv

Sci-Fi and Horror short films, Comedy and Dramatic roles on TV and film as well as some examples of recent commercial work. 

Short Films


Short Films

Five Months

Five months after a break up, dating proves harder then expected.


Set in London, a pair of tourists lost in an unfamiliar city gradually realise they are being watched.

Five Minutes

A bored couple decides as an experiment to be brutally honest for just five minutes and chaos ensues.


Awesome Festival Night Turns Into Pure Fear

The Cabinet in the Woods

Brad and Steve went looking for adventure, but instead they found horror... and a cabinet. 


.357 was made for MTV in 2005, to be used as part of their anti-gun crime programming. 


Two friends seek spiritual salvation in India away from their hedonistic and disconnected lives, in advance of the impending collapse of the Cosmos.

Machine Stopped Working

Sci-Fi Action Short made entirely in just 48hours in April 2014, for 2014's Sci-Fi London Film Challenge.

Short Films


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